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Macsoft has a strong track record of 800 person years of experience in Microsoft .Net practice as a solution provider. Macsoft has developed and deployed over 150 web applications and built several desktop solutions. At Macsoft, we are customer satisfaction oriented and some of our clients are with us for the past 5 to 7 years, more than satisfied with our services. Macsoft is managing and maintaining these client systems for a very long time. This confirms our capability to deploy systems that meet end-user requirements and also our competency to maintain and extend the systems we design and build. Most of the solutions delivered are innovative to cater to the rapidly evolving needs of Independent Software Vendors (ISV), B2B needs and applications for enterprise. Our experience in custom development, using Microsoft products like SharePoint server, BizTalk server, Commerce server and Microsoft Dynamics, has reduced software development and support costs and helped enhance product functionality for generating greater value to our customers.

Macsoft has a library of .NET based framework and re-usable components that can seamlessly integrate with other applications. This significantly lowers both the development effort and the cost.

Macsoft's Centre of Excellence team
Macsoft's Centre of Excellence team Macsoft is a Gold Partner to Microsoft and has a dedicated team called "Centre of Excellence" (CoE), which focuses on latest Microsoft technologies. This team does research on the latest patterns / technologies including Silver light, WPF controls, WCF implementations, Workflow-rule engines, MVVM, MVC pattern and libraries that help customer projects to derive benefit. This team has provided solutions in complex integration segments such as SSO, enterprise data integration, cross domain access and application integration areas. CoE team has a proven record of technology innovation, knowledge sharing and support to project teams in completion of projects using latest technologies.

Development Environment
Macsoft uses Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 for development. Many of the deployed applications were built leveraging the potential of TFS, starting from project management till the deployment. To achieve the dual objectives of high-quality software and time-to-market, we have built many .Net applications using third party components such as Infragistics, Net Advantage tools, Component One studio and Telerik Controls.

Legacy Modernization
Macsoft's solution helps customers to migrate or re-engineer legacy systems in a structured process, bringing down business risks and maintenance cost. This includes studying the existing system and architecture, and upgrading the system with the right technology without affecting critical business areas.

Application Development & Maintenance
Macsoft has designed and implemented several client server and web based applications including components and services (web services) using Microsoft .Net application development platform. Macsoft also has experience in delivering enterprise solutions by assembling different pre-built business applications into one system, instead of implementing the code from scratch. The adjoining blocks depict various platforms that we use for integration, other than pre-built applications / servers.

SharePoint Server Platform
Apart from developing business workflows, custom Web pages and integrating them with Content Management servers, Macsoft also has experience in administrating these servers. The entire internal process and project management systems of Macsoft run on SharePoint server.

Architecture Consultation
Our offering in Architecture consultation includes:

  • Application / Product portfolio analysis
  • Evaluating or providing application portfolio solutions
  • Conduct application design reviews
  • Identifying performance issues / bottlenecks & provide resolutions
  • Code reviews from application security perspective
  • Undertake POC engagements to evaluate architecture
  • Effective code reviews & provide recommendations for improvement

Application Integration Services
Macsoft has provided enterprise integrated solutions in which BizTalk was used to connect to other systems. Macsoft has developed custom adaptors to support extended intelligence and different proprietary e-formats. Macsoft also has ample experience in building applications using Commerce Server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Macsoft has sufficient expertise in CRM and .Net - it is easy to enhance the out-of-box CRM functionality to provide LoB applications to meet customer needs. Our key solution offerings include Sales Management, Customer Service Solutions, Marketing Automation and Application Maintenance.

Technologies Enterprise JAVA
Java EE, Web / Rich Internet Applications, Open Source (Spring, Hibernate), SOA, ESB, SOAP/REST, OSGi, SWT, Eclipse

Rich Internet Applications
HTML 5, GWT, Sencha extJS, Dojo, Adobe Flash / Flex, jQuery, Data Vizualization and Charts

Microsoft Technologies
C#, ASP.NET, WebForms, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WF, SharePoint, MS SQL Server / SSIS / SSAS / SSRS, Visual Studio, TFS

Linux, low-level programming, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, Memcache, Zend, Apache, Varnish

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